Nothing To Declare

Created by Paul Spencer

Nothing To Declare
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Nothing To Declare - the game
A game of smuggling and sabotage for 2-6 players.

Learn About Our Project:

Nothing To Declare is a fast, fun, easy to learn card game for the whole family. 

Each player takes on the role of a devious passenger, returning home from their travels hell-bent on smuggling some of the world’s most weird and wacky items illegally through customs. 

The stranger the item, the more points it’s worth. Think uranium, cow brains, stuffed armadillos dressed like cowboys – you know the usual stuff.   

But beware! Players have access to ‘passenger cards’. Each passenger card has a unique ability to sabotage and reveal the contents of their rival’s baggage. As well as attempting to keep their own baggage concealed, players must pay attention to where other high value items are hiding amongst their opponents’ bags. Be careful not to draw a rogue inspection card, which are hidden within the deck, as this will affect all players!

Already Unlocked:

  • 2 new passengers
  • Deluxe edition with playmat addon
  • Upgraded cardstock
  • Upgraded artwork
Tweet the TSA to say thank you for inspiring this game
Tweet the TSA to say thank you for inspiring this game



37 unique pieces of artwork for the baggage items!

 Now 10 different passengers!



You're returning home from your travels, your bags full of weird and wonderful (but mostly ridiculous) items to bring home to impress your friends. Now just don't get stopped by customs!

The game is made of two decks, passenger cards and baggage cards


Each passenger has a unique ability to help protect your baggage or expose the baggage of your opponent. 

You have to choose wisely which passenger to play in which round to maximise their effectiveness!


Players begin with 3 baggage cards, the object of game is to get the highest scoring baggage through to the end of the game. All baggage items are based on real things people have tried to smuggle through customs!

yes, people really tried to take this stuff on a plane
yes, people really tried to take this stuff on a plane

As you pick-up more baggage, be sure to keep an eye out for what other players have in their bags!


Inspection cards are part of the baggage deck. These cards have powerful actions that have an impact on everyone!

wording not final
wording not final



Head To Head

  • Designed specifically for two players


  • The easy to play, fast paced, family friendly game


  • Card drafting
  • Changing turn order
  • More strategic 
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The key mechanics to the game

 A quick compilation video of people playing recorded live at Essen 2016



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  • You can add an additional copy of Nothing To Declare for £14. 
  • To get a playmat with your pledge add £13 (this includes additional shipping)

Just click manage pledge and adjust your pledge amount. 

The beauty of making a board game is the more we raise the more we can add to the game. We've already unlocked those in green!


I've always considered myself a gamer, I was grew up during the vicious console wars of the 90's. Luckily I survived, and since being introduced to the world of the modern board game I've become somewhat obsessed. 

Having built up a considerable collection, I couldn't help but be inspired to give back to the community that has given me so much joy. 

I want people to play more games. To achieve this I want to create games that appeal to a wide audience. That is why I created apauling games. We want to make games that are fun, engaging and contemporary. 

Nothing To Declare is our first game. We've been working on it for some time and we have the rest of the project planned out to ensure that we deliver the game in a timely fashion. 


I've been working on Nothing To Declare for about a year, in that time the game has gone through many iterations and improvements.

This has been a passion project of ours and it's now at a stage where we want to share it with you. This is the point where we cannot go any further without your help.

To make Nothing To Declare the best it can be we need to raise the funds to have it professionally manufactured.    

We really need you to make this game all it can be. We've got some cool things planned throughout the campaign to get everyone involved and make sure everyone has their say on the final product.

The art is 90% done and everything is lined up with our manufacturing and fulfillment partners we just need the funds to get over that final hurdle. 

Because Nothing To Declare is a small box game we don't have to pay any large customs fees. This means we can offer worldwide friendly shipping and pass those savings on to you.