Nothing To Declare

Created by Paul Spencer

Nothing To Declare
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Time for some feedback
7 days ago – Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 10:43:56 PM

It's so exciting to know that people have been receiving their games! 

I've been reading all of your comments and posts online, once again I cannot thank you enough for your support. Without you this wouldn't have been possible.

2 player variant

Has now been uploaded to boardgame geek and my website. Here's the links for both.


files are now available on boardgame geek and my site. Links below;


Translations are still incoming, just some bits that need clarifying. I'm hoping to have them all uploaded this time next week.


Given that this is my first project I wanted to get as much feedback as possible so that I can improve if I launch another project. 

I've created this short survey to gather feedback from backers. I'd really appreciate if you'd take the time to fill this out (5-10 mins).

I look forward to hearing from you

A few little things
14 days ago – Mon, Aug 07, 2017 at 10:30:42 PM

It's that exciting time when people are starting to get their hands on the game, finally. 

It's been a long journey and I can't thank you enough for supporting me. I really hope you enjoy the game and have fun with it. 

There's still a few things to finish off before we're finished.


  • French is done
  • Spanish and German are in progress


Unfortunately there are a couple of errors that slipped through the net. A spelling mistake on some of the inspection cards and one of the passenger cards has the same name as another. I'm pretty annoyed with myself, to say the least, for not picking these up in time and I don't have the resources to reprint the corrections. Fortunately these don't affect the gameplay. I hope you can forgive these errors and still enjoy the game.

I'll be posting the corrections on my site and on Board Game Geek so you'll be able to print them off should you wish.   

Extra Content

I'll be providing a 2 player variant (again available through my website and Board Game Geek). Also if you remember I mentioned making a game for my birthday. I'm going to make this game available as a free print and play.

I'll post another update once I've uploaded the above. 

Until next time...

Games are on there way!
20 days ago – Tue, Aug 01, 2017 at 11:43:08 PM

Apologies for the delay in sending out this update, I wanted to make sure I had something concrete to report.

I've spoken to our fulfilment partner GamesQuest, seems there was a bit of miscommunication but game entered their warehouse at the end of last week.

They've advised me that all games should be sent out by the end of this week!

That means you should expect to receive your rewards, depending on where you are, some time within the next 2-6 weeks. UK backers will likely get their games first so let me know what you think!

I'll post another update when I can confirm that all games have indeed left the building.


Quick Update
about 1 month ago – Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 04:28:48 PM

Hi there

I've just got word that games should be hitting the port on Monday! Which is only a couple of days off the original estimate. 

I've now sent backer addresses off to our fulfilment partner GamesQuest. Fingers crossed we have a smooth transition and games are sent out by the end of the month.

I'll keep you posted!

Until next time...

On route
about 1 month ago – Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 11:28:18 PM

Hi there,

Just a quick update to say that the ship is currently heading past Egypt so things are looking good.

Also the addresses weren't actually locked down on 30 June (I moved house and didn't have internet), so I have now triggered the 48 hour reminder. 

There are still 14 people left to complete their surveys so I've sent a final reminder. 

Until next time!